The Grumpy Traveller: Vol 1

This week on Bella Green I'd like to introduce a very special guest writer - The Grumpy Traveller, who will be talking about some of the trials and tribulations discovered during long term travel. I think in this day and age where certain bloggers and people on social media paint pristine pictures of their lives it's important to … Continue reading The Grumpy Traveller: Vol 1

Thailand: Life in Pai

As someone who suffers from travel sickness, I was DREADING the journey to Pai. Set 131km North of Chiang Mai and accessible only by a road which has 762 turns, this bus ride is famous for making people feel queasy. Tip: Get yourself some dramamine anti-sickness tablets from Boots. Works wonders! Pai used to be … Continue reading Thailand: Life in Pai

Thailand: Cities of Ruin – Ayutthaya & Sukhothai

Sukhothai meaning 'the dawn of happiness' was the first capital of Siam (now Thailand). It was the capital for 200 years until the Ayutthaya Kingdom took over. Ayutthaya was then the capital for 400 years until 1767 when Burma invaded and destroyed both Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. What is now left in both cities are strangely beautiful … Continue reading Thailand: Cities of Ruin – Ayutthaya & Sukhothai

Backpacking Book Club

Since being on the road for two months I've managed to make my way through 10 brilliant books. My Kindle has been my best friend. It has gotten me through flight delays, jet-lag induced sleepless nights, rainy afternoons, long train journeys and quiet days lazing in the sun. If I didn't share some of my … Continue reading Backpacking Book Club

Thailand: Bangkok’s Best Bits

Bangkok (Krung Thep กรุงเทพ in Thai) was our first stop in Thailand. Most travellers stay for just a couple of days and tick off the main tourist spots before heading North or to the Southern Islands. But we were lucky to stay in the city for 8 nights and truly get a flavour of the place, … Continue reading Thailand: Bangkok’s Best Bits

Japan: Po-zuing Around

Often in Japan it's custom to take your shoes off when entering a hostel, restaurant or temple. Not all places offer slippers. For that reason I've avoided wearing sandals (needing socks and still not convinced on the sock-sandal combo!!), meaning that for the last 15 days straight I've been wearing my Po-zu hi-tops. I've been … Continue reading Japan: Po-zuing Around

China: The Great Wall

On Wednesday morning we arrived in Beijing, the first stop on our travels, and yesterday we ventured to The Great Wall. The Great Wall of China runs east-to-west for 21,196 km across the north. It was primarily used as defence against invaders, but has also been used as border control for trade and immigration. Some of the wall … Continue reading China: The Great Wall