The Grumpy Traveller: Vol 1

This week on Bella Green I'd like to introduce a very special guest writer - The Grumpy Traveller, who will be talking about some of the trials and tribulations discovered during long term travel. I think in this day and age where certain bloggers and people on social media paint pristine pictures of their lives it's important to … Continue reading The Grumpy Traveller: Vol 1

China: Terracotta Army

Mulan was always one of my favourite Disney films. Why? Well... 1. a female heroine (enough said) and 2. a story of China's Imperial army days. So when Xi'an became part of our travel route we obviously had to go and visit the Terracotta Army 兵马俑. To get there yesterday we took the 306 bus … Continue reading China: Terracotta Army