Vietnam: Sustainable City Guide – Hoi An

Hội An (會安) translates as "peaceful meeting place" and after some of the places we've been to in Vietnam this peacefulness really was welcomed. It was also a 'meeting place' in every sense as it's where I met my parents. Located on the coast in the middle of Vietnam, Hoi An is an old port … Continue reading Vietnam: Sustainable City Guide – Hoi An

10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Travellers

I'm not sure how it's happened but December is actually here, which means Christmas is just round the corner. For me, this year will be very different. It'll be my first ever Christmas away from home and family as we'll be spending it in Sri Lanka, replacing Turkey and trimmings for a veggie curry and … Continue reading 10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Travellers

China: Sustainable City Guide – Shanghai on a budget

Shanghai is the largest city in China by population and the second most populated city in the world (24 million as of 2017). It should also be noted it hosts 90 billionaires, 370,000 millionaires and they are the largest consumers of designer goods. Whilst in Beijing I started reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy (FYI out … Continue reading China: Sustainable City Guide – Shanghai on a budget

China: Yangshuo’s Secret Beach (Plastic Problems)

It all started two days ago with our hostel host telling us about a 'secret beach' (very cliche I know!). Yesterday morning we gathered some street food snacks, plenty of water and headed out on foot to find the beach. After three hours of walking in 30°C and 80% humidity we gave up and headed … Continue reading China: Yangshuo’s Secret Beach (Plastic Problems)

Packing List & Guide

NOTE: This post has been revised at approximately 10 weeks into the trip to correctly show what is now in my backpack. On 3rd December 2017 I booked a flight to Beijing to embark upon a travelling adventure. Tomorrow is the day I finally get on that flight! For more details on how the trip has … Continue reading Packing List & Guide

Mersey Paradise

This weekend was spent in one of my favourite places - Liverpool. It's where I went to Uni and will always hold a very special place in my heart. Here are some of the things that makes Liverpool so special to me... The People Scousers - friendly, hilarious and often found wearing pjs and rollers … Continue reading Mersey Paradise

Loo Roll: Seriously… Who Gives A Crap?

I've used recycled toilet roll before, but despite being recycled it normally comes in plastic packaging and is often poor quality. At the start of Plastic Free July my Mam took a leap of faith and bulk ordered some toilet roll from Who Gives A Crap. It was a leap of faith as introducing more … Continue reading Loo Roll: Seriously… Who Gives A Crap?