How to #bebodykind

I'd like to start this post by asking how you are, like seriously, how are you? Not just the passing by 'yalright?' that nobody really wants an answer from. But a genuine, how are you? It’s good to check in with your own mental health and to speak to people around you about it. Yesterday … Continue reading How to #bebodykind

Happy Earth Day! 5 Ways to Celebrate it

Tomorrow is Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, it now seems more relevant than ever to have a day dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection. Since 1970 our planet's population has more than doubled (yikes), this naturally has seriously taken a toll on Earth and its inhabitants. If we knew how many species we’ve already … Continue reading Happy Earth Day! 5 Ways to Celebrate it

Vietnam: Sustainable City Guide – Hoi An

Hội An (會安) translates as "peaceful meeting place" and after some of the places we've been to in Vietnam this peacefulness really was welcomed. It was also a 'meeting place' in every sense as it's where I met my parents. Located on the coast in the middle of Vietnam, Hoi An is an old port … Continue reading Vietnam: Sustainable City Guide – Hoi An

Vietnam: Trekking with Sapa O’Chau

Located in the Lao Cai region of North West Vietnam and bordering China, Sapa is a very pretty (almost Alpine-ish) mountain town. It's surrounded by lots of hill tribe villages,  rice terraces and Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam. After spending one night in Hanoi we took a 10pm night bus to Sapa. We booked … Continue reading Vietnam: Trekking with Sapa O’Chau

Thailand: Sustainable City Guide – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is northern Thailand's largest city located in a valley on the banks of the Ping River. The city itself is quite modern but has an old town surrounded by gates and walls which further afield is surrounded by rainforest, mountains and waterfalls. Getting around Despite being the north's largest city, Chiang Mai isn't too … Continue reading Thailand: Sustainable City Guide – Chiang Mai

10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Travellers

I'm not sure how it's happened but December is actually here, which means Christmas is just round the corner. For me, this year will be very different. It'll be my first ever Christmas away from home and family as we'll be spending it in Sri Lanka, replacing Turkey and trimmings for a veggie curry and … Continue reading 10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Travellers

Thailand: Life in Pai

As someone who suffers from travel sickness, I was DREADING the journey to Pai. Set 131km North of Chiang Mai and accessible only by a road which has 762 turns, this bus ride is famous for making people feel queasy. Tip: Get yourself some dramamine anti-sickness tablets from Boots. Works wonders! Pai used to be … Continue reading Thailand: Life in Pai