Travelguide: My Three Weeks in Japan

It's now been six weeks since we left the UK. After our time in China (click here for my travelguide) we headed to Japan. Here's a brief summary (check out our couple of seconds a day video on youtube!) of the time we've had there and hopefully some hints and tips for those of you … Continue reading Travelguide: My Three Weeks in Japan

Japan: Po-zuing Around

Often in Japan it's custom to take your shoes off when entering a hostel, restaurant or temple. Not all places offer slippers. For that reason I've avoided wearing sandals (needing socks and still not convinced on the sock-sandal combo!!), meaning that for the last 15 days straight I've been wearing my Po-zu hi-tops. I've been … Continue reading Japan: Po-zuing Around

Japan: Fantastic Food Capital – Osaka

With a local motto of 'kuidadore' (meaning 'eat till you drop'), it's no surprise that most of the weight I'd lost after 3 weeks in China has nearly all gone back on. Osaka has been claimed to not only be the food capital of Japan, but possibly the food capital of the world. After being … Continue reading Japan: Fantastic Food Capital – Osaka