Travelguide: My Three Weeks in China

Three weeks ago me and Rob boarded a plane from Manchester to Beijing. Here's a brief summary of the time we've had there and hopefully some hints and tips for those of you that fancy visiting in the future. Did you know? China is the world's most populous country, with over 1.38 billion people, and … Continue reading Travelguide: My Three Weeks in China

China: Sustainable City Guide – Shanghai on a budget

Shanghai is the largest city in China by population and the second most populated city in the world (24 million as of 2017). It should also be noted it hosts 90 billionaires, 370,000 millionaires and they are the largest consumers of designer goods. Whilst in Beijing I started reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy (FYI out … Continue reading China: Sustainable City Guide – Shanghai on a budget

China: Yangshuo’s Secret Beach (Plastic Problems)

It all started two days ago with our hostel host telling us about a 'secret beach' (very cliche I know!). Yesterday morning we gathered some street food snacks, plenty of water and headed out on foot to find the beach. After three hours of walking in 30°C and 80% humidity we gave up and headed … Continue reading China: Yangshuo’s Secret Beach (Plastic Problems)

China: Terracotta Army

Mulan was always one of my favourite Disney films. Why? Well... 1. a female heroine (enough said) and 2. a story of China's Imperial army days. So when Xi'an became part of our travel route we obviously had to go and visit the Terracotta Army 兵马俑. To get there yesterday we took the 306 bus … Continue reading China: Terracotta Army

China: Pingyao’s Ancient Streets

Our second stop on the trip... Pingyao! We arrived on a high speed train from Beijing West on Saturday evening. The train took about four hours and passed through some very interesting landscapes. Some unbelievably pretty, others filled with high rises, factories and pollution. Pingyao is an ancient city steeped in Ming and Ding dynasty … Continue reading China: Pingyao’s Ancient Streets

China: The Great Wall

On Wednesday morning we arrived in Beijing, the first stop on our travels, and yesterday we ventured to The Great Wall. The Great Wall of China runs east-to-west for 21,196 km across the north. It was primarily used as defence against invaders, but has also been used as border control for trade and immigration. Some of the wall … Continue reading China: The Great Wall