For a long time now I have had an interest in sustainability, but despite working in the area, I continued to purchase from big brands and stores that perhaps weren’t the most ethical, environmentally friendly or economical. At the start of 2016 I decided to change this and to put into practice what I was preaching at work.

So… Welcome to Bella Green. A blog born out of my journey to be more sustainable.

Proud to be from the North East of England, in August 2018 I gave up my job, packed a rucksack and boarded a plane to travel Asia for 7 months. I now live in Sydney working as a Sustainability & Human Rights Consultant with my boyfriend / fiancé (Rob).

I am not here to preach and by no means do I always know what is best, I am also on a journey to learn how to consume and live more consciously.

I hope you enjoy!

Ciao, Anna xxx

p.s During covid lockdown I embarked upon a crusade to learn to crochet and sew, watch this space!