10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Travellers

I’m not sure how it’s happened but December is actually here, which means Christmas is just round the corner. For me, this year will be very different. It’ll be my first ever Christmas away from home and family as we’ll be spending it in Sri Lanka, replacing Turkey and trimmings for a veggie curry and rice.

Buying presents can be difficult. The past few years I’ve gotten my loved ones ‘experiences’ rather than presents as they often don’t need anything and creating memories is much more worthwhile than another pair of socks… But if you’re wanting to buy gifts and are stuck on ideas for your sister, boyfriend or BFF that loves to travel, look no further.

  1. Travel tap – This has been a life saver in Asia as tap water isn’t drinkable. Instead of buying plastic bottles of water, you simple fill up your travel tap from any water source and all bacteria and diseases are filtered out.
  2. Everything Sweet Threads t-shirt – Quite possibly my most worn item of clothing on my trip so far. I love my ‘Future is Female’ t-shirt and have my eye on the ‘Rebel Rebel’ Emmeline Pankhurst tee. All Everything Sweet Threads t-shirts are unisex, made from 100% organic cotton and 10% of every sale goes directly to the Pankhurst Trust (incorporating Manchester Woman’s Aid).
  3. Naked Pinecone travel pack – A one stop shop for natural and plastic free toiletries, they now offer a very cool range of eco-friendly travel packs. Some of my favourite tried and tested items in the packs are the plastic-free and natural suncreams, organic cotton face scrubbies and the bamboo toothbrushes.
  4. My Green Trip kit – A very streamlined kit that you put in your backpack before a trip and use to collect litter while on your travels. The kit is made from recycled materials and packed in a workshop with disabled people in Switzerland. It’s a very good piece of equipment to have at hand, especially in Asia which has some of the top plastic polluting countries in the world.
  5. Po-Zu shoes – My pair of Po-Zu’s have so far walked with me round the UK, Ireland, China, Japan and Thailand (for more details see my Japan post here). Po-Zu provide stylish and comfy shoes that are made both ethically and sustainably. They don’t just do trainers and plimsoles like mine, but also toasty looking boots, perfect for a winter get-away (or England… I have been keeping up to date with your forecasts!).
  6. Amazon voucher – I know I shouldn’t really promote Amazon as they are quite the opposite to sustainable and ethical. But when you love to read and are on a budget (most travellers) there isn’t really much choice when it comes to adding new books to your Kindle. Giving an Amazon voucher as a present would provide hours/days of entertainment to your loved one whilst on the road.
  7. Organic Basics clothing – Long lasting and sustainably made from organic cotton undies, leggings, t-shirts and socks. These are the types of clothes you need while travelling. Basic, comfy and plain but will withstand the run-down hostel washing machine time and time again. Get 15% off with the code ‘RTXOBCO15‘.
  8. Manduka eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat – Since travelling I’ve tried to keep up with my yoga but have struggled as I haven’t have a mat with me. After weeks and weeks of research I decided to treat myself to the Manduka eKO SuperLite mat which is just 1.5mm thick, weighs 2.2lbs and can fold or roll small enough to fit into my bag. It’s made from natural rubber and doesn’t contain PVC or toxic substances. Unlike most yoga mats, once I’m done with it (hopefully in many years to come) it will biodegrade. Unfortunately I haven’t yet used my mat as it’s currently back in the UK waiting for Fiona to bring it out to me in January, but once I have it I’ll post a more detailed review.
  9. Eco Chic reusable bag – Using environmentally friendly and lightweight materials, Eco Chic make reusable bags designed to last. Mine has taken some battering over the last 3 months but it’s still in good condition and has helped me say no to hundreds of plastic bags.
  10. Mooncup – One for the girls. An absolute essential. There are lots of things to worry about while travelling (snakes, spiders, mosquitos, noisy dorm mates), one thing you do not want to worry about is your period. Mooncups are so convenient, they take up less space in your bag, are zero waste, last longer and are comfy and hygienic. Ladies, if you haven’t tried one yet, just be brave and give it a go. After a few tries you honestly won’t look back.

I hope this list’s given you a few ideas on what to treat your avid traveller friend or family member to for Christmas. Or, if it’s you that loves to travel, why not share this post and ‘hint, hint’ what you’d like in your stocking? As my Grandma always says, “shy bairns get nowt”!

Ciao xxx

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