Japan: Po-zuing Around

Often in Japan it’s custom to take your shoes off when entering a hostel, restaurant or temple. Not all places offer slippers. For that reason I’ve avoided wearing sandals (needing socks and still not convinced on the sock-sandal combo!!), meaning that for the last 15 days straight I’ve been wearing my Po-zu hi-tops.

I’ve been ‘Po-zuing’ around Japan.

If you’d watched Stacey Dooley’s BBC documentary ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ the other night you’d of met Po-zu’s wise MD Safia Minney. If you haven’t watched it, get it watched! It’s an impactful insight into the damage fast fashion is doing to our planet and what we can do to start having a more positive impact. One way is to buy from responsible brands such as Po-zu.

Po-zu are a very cool brand that make sustainable and ethically sourced shoes from carefully selected natural and sustainable materials that are healthy for your feet, kind to the environment and safe for workers throughout the supply chain.

The name ‘Po-zu’, which is extremely fitting to my current location, stems from the Japanese ポーズ, meaning to pause. It’s Po-zu’s mission to provide feet with respite from the frantic pace of busy lives and to halt the damage that modern footwear manufacturing often causes to people and the planet.

I’m not convinced that my feet are getting respite as I’m averaging about 25,000 steps a day at the moment exploring Japan’s coolest cities. But despite the pavement plodding, my feet haven’t blistered once, have been so comfy and personally (if I do say so myself) I feel I’ve looked kinda trendy in them.

Here they are in Nara.


Here they are on one of my many subway journeys.


And here they are today at the Mori Digital Art Museum.


My hi-tops are made from organic cotton in Sri Lanka. The sole is made from locally sourced Fair Trade rubber and has a memory-foam Foot-Mattress™ made from latex and coconut husk. They are vegan (no animals harmed in the process), made from sustainable materials and constructed by people who have been treated fairly in an eco-friendly factory. I won’t go into the details, but Po-zu’s website offers lots of information on their materials, supply chain and factories. Which for me is great, if a company is transparent and can provide that information freely, they’re winners in my eyes.

Sustainable fashion is buying something that is built to last. I can’t wait for my Po-zu’s to look even more worn, to have travelled even further around the world with me and have shared the memories.

We’re currently in Tokyo. It’s a little bit mental, but brilliant at the same time. On Sunday our time in Japan will come to an end as we fly to Bangkok. Stay tuned for my three week sustainable travel guide to Japan.

Hope everything’s well back in Blighty!

Ciao xxx

5 thoughts on “Japan: Po-zuing Around

  1. Your instagram photos have been amazing – really makes me want to go to Japan, and YES to the ethical ‘converse’ alternative – let’s get more people wearing them xx

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