Loo Roll: Seriously… Who Gives A Crap?

I’ve used recycled toilet roll before, but despite being recycled it normally comes in plastic packaging and is often poor quality. At the start of Plastic Free July my Mam took a leap of faith and bulk ordered some toilet roll from Who Gives A Crap. It was a leap of faith as introducing more recycled loo roll into the Cantwell household could of gone down like a scratchy lead balloon.

Luckily the risk has been a huge success.

Who Gives A Crap began with three guys realising that 2.3 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 17.14.42.png


They make their toilet paper without using trees, the recycled rolls are from 100% post-consumer paper with no inks, dyes or scents. Each roll is 3-ply with 400 sheets per roll making them just as good quality as a normal toilet roll.

No plastic is used in the delivery of the rolls aside from a tiny bit of tape on the box. A funky cardboard box arrives at your door and inside you’ll find individually wrapped toilet rolls.


To top off their sustainable kudos, Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for 2.3 billion people in need. Read here their latest impact updates.

So Who Gives A Crap are super responsible… but are they more expensive?

The 100% recycled toilet rolls from Who Gives A Crap cost £36 for 48 rolls. Each toilet roll is 3-ply with 400 sheets (38 meters) per roll, making the cost per roll 75p or 18.8p per 100 sheets.

Andrex toilet rolls cost £17.50 for 45 rolls. Each toilet roll is 2-ply with 200 sheets (25 meters) per roll, making the cost per roll 39p or 19.5p per 100 sheets.

At first it may seem Who Gives A Crap is more expensive but each roll is twice the size of Andrex so not only are they cheaper, you actually use less paper because each sheet is thicker.


Switching to Who Gives A Crap has reduced our plastic waste and saves popping to the shop when we run out. If you’re not 100% on taking the same risk as my Mam you could give their free trial a go. Test out their paper and cancel if it’s not for you but I’d be surprised if you weren’t impressed enough to make the switch.

7 thoughts on “Loo Roll: Seriously… Who Gives A Crap?

  1. So cool! have heard of these but haven’t bothered to make the switch. Encouraging that your mum was keen- I’ll have to convince mine!


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