Sustainable Swimwear Saving Our Seas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably be aware that I’m going travelling soon (t-minus 42 days), which means I’m starting to think about what to pack… I’ll be travelling extremely light (only taking a 60 litre rucksack), but as a lot of the time I’ll be on a beach or near a pool I’ll be packing three swimming costumes.


#1 Batoko costume – Batoko are a great brand and their costume designs are very VERY cool! I really struggled deciding which one to pick. After many times trawling instagram and their website I eventually settled on ‘Dinosass’ which I wore for the first time on Sunday during my first ever triathlon. It was so comfy, held everything in it’s place and I wasn’t even embarrassed that I was wearing a bright pink dinosaur costume while everyone else donned a black boring tri-suit, I was actually dead proud to be wearing it! Batoko are a UK brand based on the North West coast and are dedicated to reducing the negative impact of plastic in our oceans. All their swimwear is 100% recycled from plastic bottles and other waste such as carpets. The manufacturing process has been designed to reduce consumption of new raw materials, water and generation of waste. Every year a proportion of their profits go to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) who work to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected. The costumes are produced in an audited factory in China that manages it’s environmental impacts and looks after their workers. I bloody love my Batoko cossy, it’s definitely travelling the world with me.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 21.12.32IMG_8306

#2 Auria bikini – I purchased my Auria bikini last year for my holiday to Dubrovnik, since then it’s not had chance to be worn too much, but that will all change come September. Auria swimwear is made using ECONYL® which is regenerated yarn produced from nylon waste such as discarded fishing nets. They’ve also had some cool collaborations to make other holiday must-haves, they recently teamed up with Sony to recycle their headphone wires into beach sliders, sunglasses cases, beach bags, phone cases and passport holders.


#3 Weekday costume – For the days I don’t fancy being so bold I thought I’d play it safe and take a plain, black cossy. Weekday do a selection of costumes and bikinis that are made from recycled polyester and polyamide. They are a member of the H&M Group, so not a majorly ethical clothing brand, however they do have good, robust sustainability policies and show commitment to improving. app003prod

Every year 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced and it’s estimated that less than 10% of this is recycled, with an hideous 8 million tonnes of disposed plastic waste entering our seas annually. Buying a swimming cossy that’s made from recycled materials may not make a huge dent in this issue, but it’ll certainly help.

Happy sustainable swimming!

Ciao x

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