Plastic Free: Wash Bag

We’re now half way through Plastic Free July and in the lead up to my travels (52 sleeps!!!… not that I’m counting…) I thought I’d share with you what’s in my wash bag.

Some of it’s plastic free, some’s zero waste and some I need your help with…


  • Bamboo tooth brush and holder – Anything But Plastic – Dentists suggest we should replace our toothbrushes at least every three months. Let’s do the maths, thats 4 a year, 40 a decade and about 320 a lifetime (then times that by 66 million…) that are chucked into landfill each year because they can’t be recycled. By using bamboo, which is a sustainable, biodegradable and fast growing material we can remove those plastic toothbrushes from littering our planet.fullsizeoutput_171e
  • Shampoo bar and container – Lush – Plastic free and long-lasting, these are an absolute travel essential as you can take them in your hand luggage without worrying about squeezing it into a small clear plastic bag. I don’t just use mine for travelling, but every day. It also smells amazing.fullsizeoutput_171f
  • All Natural Soap – Acala – This soap is made with anti-mosquito oils, soothing aloe vera and anti-inflammatory neem oil. For a Brit-Abroad this is essential for combatting insect bits and the inevitable-no matter how much factor 50 you put on-sunburn. Like the shampoo bar, it is 100% palm oil free, vegan and cruelty free. fullsizeoutput_1720
  • Mooncup – A women uses on average 11,000 sanitary products in a lifetime which are made from 90% plastic materials. Ocean Conservancy volunteers collected 27,938 used tampons and applicators on our world’s beaches on a single day (International Coastal Cleanup, 2013). The Mooncup is reusable: you only need one.fullsizeoutput_1721
  • Bamboo hairbrush – Body Shop – Very sturdy and made from sustainable bamboo, this brush will last forever and when/if disposed it will biodegrade. fullsizeoutput_1723
  • Reusable cloths – Liz Earle, Etsy, Acala – Using a combination of reusable muslin cloths, organic cotton eye pads and a bamboo soap pouch means not needing a bathroom bin. You use as much as you want and them wash them, then reuse again and again and again. fullsizeoutput_1722

These, however, are not the only items in my wash bag. I have many things that I use that are still wrapped in plastic, containing micro-plastics and maybe even non-cruelty free.

It’s obviously a journey and I don’t want to chuck out stuff I have that is still fit for purpose as that would be wasteful, but when it comes to buying new, I’d love some suggestions on products that are more sustainable and ethical.

So, over to you, any ideas on replacements for:

  • Skincare – I currently use Liz Earle’s three step cleanse which is great, it contains natural ingredients and come in recycled bottles and packaging. But the bottles are still plastic. Liz Earle works wonders on my skin and I daren’t move away from it to a plastic-free alternative. Any tried and tested suggestions guys?
  • Body moisturiser – I’ve used the Lush’s body bars before but they just don’t seem to fully moisturise. What do you think?
  • Hair spray – Gone are the days where I’d use a bottle of hair spray a week to keep my epic back-combing alive, but I still use hair spray and haven’t managed to find another alternative. Do you have any?
  • Toothpaste – Not yet dared to use Lush’s tablets or Geoorganic’s paste. Have you tried these? Are they any good?
  • SPF lip balm – The only ones I can find are in plastic. Do any exist in metal or glass containers?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Ciao x

2 thoughts on “Plastic Free: Wash Bag

  1. Great post! I like the idea of doing it by category. It probably makes it easier to handle, mentally if you deal with one category at a time. I don’t use most of the things on your list but for toothpaste, I’ve found that baking soda is wonderful! I have a small container (an old tiny jam jar) that I fill with baking soda and bring when I travel. More on it here:

    For moisturizer, I guess coconut oil is a fairly good option – for example, Nutiva, which comes in a glass jar:



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