Sustainable Summer Hair: Saya Designs

I seem to spend my life going round in a vicious hair-style circle. I grow it, then I get bored and chop it off, then I grow it again, then I fancy a change and chop it off… and round and round I go.

This time my ‘I want to grow my hair’ need was triggered by two things…

  1. Travelling will be a lot easier with longer hair, it’ll be better to tie up, need less washing and be less traumatising to get cut with a language barrier
  2. Beautiful SAYA Designs hair pins.

SAYA Designs originated from one woman’s curiosity of environmental issues while living in Bali, Indonesia.

The issue – Indonesia is home to some of the most biologically diverse rainforests in the world. The forests originally represented 84% of the total land area, but due to deforestation for resources such as paper, plywood and palm oil (the devil!), just under half of the forests now remain. The way that we consume in the modern world has led to this mass scale deforestation which destroys habitats and contributes massively to climate change.

This is where SAYA comes in – Wood is only a sustainable material if it is responsibly sourced. While looking for a way of sourcing wood consciously, SAYA Designs came across Made & Wayan, sculptors who dig up and recycle root wood that’s been left behind by loggers from old deforestations sites in Indonesia. The roots take hundreds of years to decompose and have little benefit for the soil. SAYA Design hairpins are hand carved by Balinese artists from this root wood, by using this waste material they are having as little impact on the environment as possible. Each hairpin sold also gives back to the environment it came from, as up to ten endangered tree species are planted in its place in rainforests across Indonesia.

When I discovered SAYA I dropped Vicky an email to say how impressed I was with the work they’re doing and how much I loved the products, as well as which hairpins she would recommend for my short (but growing) hair. Vicky advised on the Mini Palms and a couple of days later they arrived (in very lovely, but sustainable papaya pulp packaging).


I have quite awkward, stubborn hair when it comes to keeping a style in place. But the mini palms are very easy to use and the tutorials on the SAYA website really helped me to get started.


Each set of Mini Palms sold plants two trees into protected forests in Indonesia. Planting trees is one of the best ways to fight climate change. The two trees planted will absorb 100lbs of CO2, provide oxygen for four humans per year and provide a habitat for loads of lovely animals.

I love them and as my hair grows (fingers crossed) I can’t wait to try some new styles. Thanks SAYA!

Ciao x

p.s Come on England!

p.p.s It’s coming home!

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