Bringing Back the Milkman/Woman

Ahead of Plastic Free July me and my Mam were discussing what will be our biggest challenges.

One thing that cropped up was buying milk. I then remembered reading an article months ago about how milkmen and women are on the rise in London because of people demanding less plastic.

From that point my Mam was on the case. She simply googled ‘milk rounds near me’ and found Milk Delivery who deliver in our local area. Literally the next day, two pints were on the doorstep.


Milk Delivery provide free range, organic milk in re-usable glass bottles and pay a fair price to the local farmer. You can also change your order up to 10pm at night, which allows you to ensure you are only buying what you need, no waste.


A simple, sustainable solution to a plastic problem. Good old Mr/Mrs Milkman/Woman!

Are any of you taking part in Plastic Free July this year? Last year I really struggled (see here and here), but this year I feel much more equipped. If you have any tips, please get in touch!

Ciao x

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