Brilliant Brighton

“Fantastic expectations, amazing revelations.”

Ian Brown’s F.E.A.R lyrics (featured on the road-trip playlist en-route to Brighton on Thursday morning) brilliantly sum-up my 48 hours in the beautiful city.

Fantastic expectations – Months ago I booked a cool Airbnb (check out the decor!) right next to The Level park in Brighton as a celebration for Rob finishing his exams. We had a dinner (aka tea for all you Northern followers) reservation at Michael Bremner’s 64 Degrees, planned to have a fair few drinks and just generally check out what Brighton had to offer.


Amazing revelations – Unbeknown to us, May is festival time in Brighton. When we were there it was the Fringe, Brighton Festival and the Great Escape Festival. The place was absolutely buzzing. It was also sunny, clear blue skies and warm which always helps.

First stop when we arrived were a few beers on the beach. Standard. Down by the pier we found the first hint of Brighton’s social conscience.


That evening, after some delicious food from 64 Degrees and plenty drinks basked in the festival atmosphere, walking back to the apartment a supermarket sign caught my eye. “#plasticfreeshopping“! The next day we went to investigate.


HISBE (standing for How it Should Be) are supermarket rebels. They offer a range of everyday groceries thoughtfully sourced from small, local producers and brands that trade responsibly, fairly and sustainably.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 13.31.36

HISBE aren’t pretentious judging-vegan-hippies (not that there’s anything wrong with those types of people…). They are just wanting to challenge the way we currently shop by offering a more sustainable alternative. I mean they can’t be vegan hippies… I got myself a cows milk flat white and a pack of peri-peri spiced Biltong from there…


Brighton is well known for it’s liberal, creative scene but it’s cafes, bars and shops majorly exceeded all expectations I had. We were spoilt for choice. Lots of independent boutiques offering clothes made from sustainable fabrics, vintage shops galore and even vegetarian shoes.

And of course not one single place we went to had plastic straws. Winner winner.


Brilliant Brighton, thank you so much for a fun and eye opening few days.

Until the next time x

4 thoughts on “Brilliant Brighton

  1. Hi Anna
    Loved your article on Brighton, I can feel the love coming from your blog.
    Looking forward to following you on your travels very soon.
    A xx

    Liked by 1 person

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