Swedish Stockings


Swedish Stockings was one of the first clothing brands I discovered when I began researching how to ‘consume consciously‘, and their tights are now a staple part of my weekend and work wardrobe.

Each year two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn and then chucked away. I myself was guilty of this. Being quite clumsy I was always laddering my tights and popping them straight in the bin, as lets be honest nobody wants to look like Effy off Skins anymore…

Luckily the Swedish brand have found an innovative solution to this problem.

Their quality tights are manufactured from recycled yarn, in zero waste factories that use environmentally friendly dye and solar power.

Also, not only do they provide a sustainable product, they put to good use your old tights, leaving space in your drawers for nice new ones. Once you have finished with your tights, of any brand, simply send them to their recycling centre. To top it off, when they receive your tights they send you over a discount code to use on your next Swedish purchase.

From what I can see they are not yet stocked anywhere in the UK, but if you do find them stocked locally please let me know. Swedish Stockings was a great first introduction for me into the world of ethical, clean, sustainable clothing. I hope this post has done the same for you.

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