Monthlies: Period Subscription


Earlier this month I asked myself a sad question, how do women living on the streets deal with their period?

Upon this question I did some research and found the site Monthlies.

Monthlies are a social enterprise that pride themselves on making periods more safe and healthy. On the site you subscribe to a personalised box that will be delivered through your postbox every month before your period. In your box you can pick how many items you want including a mixture of tampons, pads and liners. These items are all organic and plastic, chlorine and animal testing free. For every box you purchase, 20% of the profits will go to support women and girls in the UK and abroad.

Over this Christmas period Monthlies have also provided a chance for you to donate a pack. For just £5 Monthlies will send a box of 20 items to women in the UK that need help.


I have to say, I love my Monthlies boxes. In the past I’ve often forgotten to pick up the ‘time of the month’ essentials in my weekly shop and have been caught out. Having a Monthlies subscription means this will never have to happen again. With all the good they do, I really wish them success. Thanks Sarah.

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